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Relax with your Magic Bag to relieve neck and back pain as well as aching muscles. Well-being guaranteed!

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Did you know...

Cold Compress

  • A cold compress is used within the first 48 hours following an injury (sprain, swelling, contusion/bruising).
  • A cold compress is used for 15-20 minute intervals to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • A cold compress can help when feeling ill and helps relieves headaches.

Hot Compress

  • A humid heat compress, such as that provided by Magic Bag, penetrates more quickly for faster relief.
  • A warm compress can be used for stiff muscles to help increase range of motion.
  • A warm compress helps relieve back pain from chronic health problems such as: lumbago, sciatica and hernias.

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The Neck-to-Back acts as a hot/cold compress to relax muscles and reduce pain.

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The Extented Magic Bad conforms to the shape of any body part.

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Gel Pack - Travel size

The practical Magic Bag Gel Pack Travel Size is flexible, molding itself easily to your body.

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Gel pack with sport wrap

Hot or cold gel pack with
flexible sports wrap.

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Sport Gel

2 in 1 Sport Gel - Medium

Fits the most common smaller injuries, such as the ankle, elbow and wrist.

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2 in 1 Sport Gel - Large

A comfortable fit for knees or shoulders.

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